Quick Kønnect+ Tour

Home Page

The following features and functions can be found on the home page

  • Check the status of your Andersen Charge Point
  • View the details of your last charge
  • Lock or unlock your charger when not in use
  • View your current charging rate

Here are the different charging status’

Ready – The unit is online and available.

Connected – The charger is connected to your vehicle.

Charging – The unit is charging your vehicle.

Scheduled – Your next charge is scheduled. Don’t forget to plug in your EV.

Locked – The unit is disabled and will not deliver charge.

No Connection – The unit is not connected to the cloud. (It is still possible to charge your vehicle)


  • This is where you will find your charge history logged daily and available to view in days, months, or years.


  • On this page, you will find the option of setting schedules for charging your vehicle, when it suits you best.
  • Simply select ‘Add New Schedule’
  • Select your schedules’ start and finish times by using the arrows, or press the numbers to use your keyboard.
  • Select the days on which you would like your schedule to be applied.
  • Select Save to save and apply your schedule.
  • Once set, your schedule will appear on your home page.


  • Check what your home and vehicle are consuming in real-time.
  • Use the 5 stage dial to choose how much solar vs. grid energy you would like to use.
    • E.g: When the dial is set to 50% Green Power, the unit will use solar energy to provide 50% of the charge.
  • Override solar settings for two hours and charge using grid energy only for 2 hours with the override slider.
  • Minimum threshold – swipe left on your energy page to reveal the minimum threshold toggle.
    • This setting is only applied when the dial is set to 100% Green Power.
    • When toggled on, the unit will draw from the grid if the solar power generation is below the minimum threshold of 1.4kWh.
    • When toggled off, the unit will pause charging until the solar power generated exceed the minimum threshold of 1.4kWh.

Solar Surplus Charging

Solar 100%

Solar 50% Charge