Getting your Andersen online

Connecting your Andersen charger to the cloud using Kønnect+ is easy and allows you to manage your charging on the go.

Note: You will need to complete the steps outlined in – Create a Kønnect+ Account before you can complete this section.

1. Launch Kønnect+

Once you have created a Kønnect+ account you will need to sign in.

2. Add Charge Point

You will be prompted to start the process to add your charge point. Press “Let’s Start”

3. Scan Serial Number

You will need to scan the serial number of your charge point.

This can be found when lifting the lid on your charge point, there is a sticker on the lid.

NB: If your scan is unsuccessful you may need to manually enter your serial number. You can do this by pressing ‘Add serial number manually at the bottom of your screen.

You will have a loading screen while the charge point is being added to your account.

4. Set Up Wi-Fi

After the charge point is linked to your account you will then have to get it online via Wi-Fi.

Press “Set up Wi-Fi”

5. Set Up Mode

In order to get your charge point connected to a network, you will need to prompt your charge point into search mode manually.

Follow the below steps to enter set up mode then press “Next Step”.

The multifunction set up button is located at the bottom left between the front panel and the body of the unit (where the cable goes).

6. Scan for Wi-Fi Network

Press “Scan for Wi-Fi Networks”

7. Select a Wi-Fi Network

Select the correct Wi-Fi network and enter the password

8. Connected

After no more than 60 seconds your charge point will successfully be connected!

9. Complete Account setup

In order to complete your account setup, you will need to continue to follow these setups: Complete Setting Up your Kønnect+ Account