Andersen A2

Status Lights

Your Andersen uses status lights to indicate the current state of your unit. Below is the list of all the statuses:

Lights Status Description
All lights flash Booting up Once starting, the charger will run a self-test for 30-60 seconds before initialising. Please allow the charger a minute to boot up before using it.
Green light flashing every 8 seconds. Wifi disconnected The charger has lost connection to your WiFi.
Solid green Stand by Your charger is connected to WiFi and ready to use.
Solid green and solid amber Connected Your charger is connected to your vehicle.
Solid amber Charging Your vehicle is charging.
Solid green and solid red Disabled Your charger is disabled and will be unable to provide a charge until it is enabled. If you’re disconnected from the cloud, the charger will enable itself after 5 minutes
Solid green with flashing red Error with vehicle There’s a problem with the vehicle and charging cannot start.
Solid red Error with supply There is an electrical fault that is preventing the charger from functioning.
Flashing red RCM Error A fault with the current has been detected. It could be from the supply or the car. To reset the RCM, please press the set up button twice in a row.