Andersen A2

Choosing a location

The A2 must be wall-mounted vertically on a fixed and sturdy surface, such as a brick wall. It cannot be fitted on a temporary or moving structure – for example, a wooden fence or a narrow wall less than 350mm wide (such as a post). All four rear mounting screws need to be used.

Please find the template for the wall-mounted A2, showing the locations of the fixing holes. All measurements presented in millimetres: (pdf version available here)

The A2 has a manual winding cable system and you will need at least 500mm of clearance on both sides to operate the unit properly. The A2 should not be installed too far into a corner.

The A2 should also be installed at a minimum height of 0.75m and to a maximum of 1.2m for ease of use.

Choose a location that is in close proximity to where you park your car. The cable from the charging point needs to reach the charging port of your car easily and without strain. The A2 has a built-in cable available in either 5.5m or 8.5m lengths for 7kw charging, or 6.5m length for 22kW enabled charging. We find that for the majority of people, the 8.5m is long enough to reach your carport which-ever way you wish to park.